God Saved Me

January 26, 2012
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He strokes me, but only; When I’m lonely…
His hands are warm, firm… cozy.
My body trembles; My legs go weak.
Those lips on my neck;
Why is this happening to me?
I hear his whispers in my ear,
“I love you baby, Daddy’s here.”
I scream for mommy…
She never comes.
If this is what “love” feels like,
Then I’ve had ENOUGH!!
I’d rather love myself,
on my OWN; With no help!
Than to be stuck here, in this house, I call HELL!
He slowly leaves my bedroom.
Door shutting softly behind him…
I crawl to the corner, and grab my ink pen.
Crying while I write, “I’m getting out tonight.”
The pain in my eyes, the thoughts in my mind…
This is NOT love.
He comes back in, I pretend I’m sleeping.
He’s been drinking now; it’s time for the beating.
I never got away that night.
But, as I; my spirit, stand over my body…
I KNOW I put up a fight.
Now, that I’m away from him,
I CAN be loved…Truly… Loved…
God LOVES me;
God SAVED me!

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