I'm From Everywheree

January 26, 2012
By PersonInAJar BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
PersonInAJar BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
Three things are infinite, the universe, human stupidity and the amount of Zubats in the dark cave.

I'm from here and there
It could be anywhere
Lands over seas
Where life's a cool wind breeze

I'm from the Emerald City, where our tower reaches the stars
The Evergreen state, with all its forever trees and memories.
The sun could shine while the sky would cry
Famous for the storms, that help me sleep at night

I'm from where the beer flows and the girls are beautiful
Out of the ashes we thrived, out of the horrors we regained our honor
The natural beauty, by the sea, or on the land.
The people are just as nice, the language barbaric yet poetic

I'm from the country of love, where all standards are high
I lost my strength and found new friends, I learned to love
and I lived again. Where lavender flows, grapes grow, and
cheese of every type. I can see the stars at night, my fears
taking over. The place of blessings and curses.

I'm from the outback, but not to far. Where in-mates
fought for their freedom and gained justice. Where
the natives are discriminated just like everywhere else.
Home of amazing music and culture, with horrible stereotypes

I'm from the world, a citizen of travel. The son of an airplane,
the song of my life. I have seen it all. Never regrets only hope
and memories.

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