Life As We Know It

May 6, 2008
By Courtney Gallagher, Scranton, PA

Life as we know it is not what it seems.
We strive for our goals and believe in our dreams.
We love to our fullest, and never regret.
The life which we live we shall never forget.
We grow all our lives in school, health, and love.
We start out so pure like the soul of a dove.
When adolescence arrives we strive to stay clean.
Stay away from the pressure we all face as a teen.
Adulthood approaches in the blink of an eye.
Little feet going crazy; parenthood has arrived.
Old age around the corner, wipe away that tear do not cry.
Your knowledge and wisdom will mold the future; lend others your mind.
We all start out, like a seed in the ground.
Not knowing where we are, what to do and how to get by.
Then we sprout up from the ground and start growing towards the sky.
With tender love and care we grow tall, strong, and wise.
Gaining friends along the way which intern are the leaves of our lives.
But to all good stories an ending must occur.
Our stem begins to bend and our leaves begin to stir.
The cold air is coming round and the winds are assured.
The sign of life is mere and although the end is near.
You’ve gained more leaves than guessed.
You’ve loved and lived life to the fullest.
Life May be done but your soul doesn’t die.
The stem may fall but your petal shall rise above to that garden in the sky.

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