Playing Dress Up

January 26, 2012
By Alimonshta BRONZE, Roseville, California
Alimonshta BRONZE, Roseville, California
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*A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.*
~Ingrid Bergman~

I opened my eyes and looked out my window. There was a small ray of light starting to barely peek into my room. I jumped up and out of my bed and ran out past my door, through the small hallway and into the living room. I hurriedly pushed open the back door and all but stumbled into the warm embrace of the awakening sun. Its rays set off colors all over the sky, brighter and more beautiful than any other day, as if it, too, was celebrating this day with me. I searched the sky, looking behind the quickly disappearing darkness. I found it. It was hiding behind the mountain, looking over at me as if trying to sneak up on me. A smile slowly crept up on my face. I beat you again, Mr. Sun! I thought triumphantly. Now, realizing that it no longer had the element of surprise, the sun rose to its full glory. The soft, warmness greeted me like a long lost friend, and the whisper of the breeze wrapped around me and excitedly urged me to go get ready for the night. I cheerily turned around and went back inside. I acted as if it was any other ordinary day, but inside I, myself, was about to burst with excitement when finally—finally!—the time arrived. First, Jayline came in and started to twist and turn my hair every which way into long, bouncy curls. I seemingly float into my dress and inspect the ending result in a mirror. The soft, silky dress floats down my body into a flourishing skirt, my black curls fall down my back in a long engaging cascade. A wave of sighs washes over me as I turn to find myself facing my friends, standing in the doorway. “You look beautiful!” “Stunning!” “Amazing!” the words smack against me like a cold slap of water. Time seems to speed up, everything just smashing and crashing together. A whole blend of pictures and colors dancing in union. My mind and heart race. I feel myself drift away into a world of sweet relaxation, of less commotion…no matter how beautiful the commotion. All around me words flutter around, too fast for my all of a suddenly heavy hands to catch. Until two words. Just two words. Two simple words that would normally mean nothing, today mean everything. “We’re here.” I step out of the soft, cool car. Out of the safety of my thoughts and into the warm, breezy, typical night. A night that to anyone else is just another ordinary night, but a night that holds all my dreams, all that I’ve ever looked forward to since a child. The night that I play dress up and become a princess.

The author's comments:
I wrote this to write down what I felt during the biggest moment of my life so Quinceanera!

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