The Human Heart

May 6, 2008
By Tanya Morin, Charlotte, NC

The human heart, so fragile yet strong
Once betrayed, turns to stone and hard trusting
Vengeance keeps it going on, remembering the deeds done
Fighting for and against the one who hurt you the most
Hunting on the prey that would hurt like he hurts
People to your back is the most deadly thing to have
Opening up, no easily willing
To have someone to help you, is, unfathomable
They tell you the one things there parents dont even know
That person hurts just as much as you, but, willing
The secret they tell you can "kill" them
They have enough trust in you, they believe
Its hard to trust another, your heart couldnt take another
Your best friend is your worst enemy
They can make you or break you
They find that they are the original betrayer
Turns your heart like ice, you want to destroy
They beg and plead, saying they didnt know better
Sincerity coming from them is more than you can handle
"I love you" are words, said with much feeling
Standing there, thinking, hoping, disbelieving, it cant be
With all you have left, you relinquish your powers
In battle they stay by your side, in love, they're there
When you were bout to die, they gave back, plus
Leaving them vulnerable, you defeated the enemy
When all is said and done in the end
Friend; betrayer; unknown befreinder; enemy
Thruth comes to the front
In the end all you have is a lover who has know you

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