Stained Glass Mosaic

May 6, 2008
By Devin Bedgio, Bradenton, FL

(Dedicated to Scott)

He is a window of colored stained glass
Showing my weakness the greenest of grass
Pulling me into the best thing I’ve known
But something reminds that I have grown
And though the sun shines brilliant through him
Tempting me fully, I just can't give in
I want so much; I just can't let it go
Not before I am sure of what I know
I’m finding the difference but finding flaws
But before I can speak, something else draws
Me closer and farther, my feet disappear
Alone in a crowd; I wish you were here
Though he knows his books; his editing style
He doesn’t speed up my heart with his smile
He may be stained glass; but he's no mosaic
Piecing me with him, a way not prosaic*
I could run away, but who else is you?
Who knows the puzzle of me like you do?
Painting my life with a palette unique
Tugging my tongue and teach me to speak
I let you in, now I can't let you out
You’re not my first, but my most dreaded doubt
Stained glass is fine but mosaics strike awe
You’ve captured my heart, now I can't withdraw

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