Leave Me

May 6, 2008
By Marine Fidel, Cugnaux, ZZ

You ruined my life, with your rash act
Did my love mean, absolutely nothing to you?
How dare you ask forgiveness, after what you have done!
Don’t say I didn’t do my part
I tried so hard to help you, and I have failed
Now your inescapable presence delights in, haunting me
Reminding me of my fault, sucking me down
My anguished cries won’t silence you
My violent screams won’t make you go away
Immersed in an inexplicable guilt
I scrutinize the mirror, but all I see is you
Your frantic mind, your heartless face, but no fear
Scarlet liquid openly dribbles down from your wrists
Motionless, your glassy eyes stare blankly into oblivion
Why can’t you just leave!
My fists come tumbling down hard against the mirror, shattering it
Your pain penetrates through the darkness between us
Your wounds become mine
As warm blood drip down, from my own trembling fingers
Afraid and helpless, I ask you once more, to leave and end the torments
Let go of me, you can not ask for my help
I have nothing more to give, you were wrong to depend on me
You have chosen to end this way
But you can not ask me to do the same
If you really love me as I believed
Please… I beg you… abandon me
I can outlive the loneliness
But will founder if you persist in accusing me
Please… have mercy… bid me farewell…

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