My Soul

May 6, 2008
By Astri Rincon, Waterbury, CT

I want to be a better person even if it means giving up on the things I want most.
I need to face consequences and let my self fall;
Getting back up is not easy, but I’ll do it anyways like nothings wrong.
I need to be humble;
Accept that there will always be people that are generally better than I will ever be.
I’ll admit that I am scared and my fear tends to make me believe nonsense;
Learning how to face frightening conclusions is just a part of life.
I know that I am young, but I’m not going to depend on the future to hold my happiness.
People often believe that sometime in the future there lives will be much better than it is now, and then they’ll be truly happy.
That is a lie!
Years go by and then you die!
I’m not going to sit around and let time pass me by.
I’ve learned that only I can create my own happiness;
Not a person, nor anything but my self.
I won’t wait around for things to get better.
I’ll accept the things I’ve done wrong and confess.
I am tired!
I’ve been holding back so much that I became a liar.
For me to be truly happy I have to walk the path-way that others have before.
I know I’m not alone.
Each path I take has been well-worn.

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