Walking Out

May 6, 2008
By nasheeda tripplett, Los Angeles, CA

Walking out, without a heart
Bleeding out, without a doubt
Crying out, without a sound
Thinking without a brain
Lashing out with too much rage
I'm going commando not insane
Locked inside a four inch cage
Reaching out my hand to be saved
But no one dares enter my domain
So dark no guided way
No light to make it through the day
Searcing for the key
Screaming, yelling, no relief
Creeping echos haunting me
Bouncing round,
These screams are my surrounds
Pounding in my ears
Then harshly dissapers
I've cried too much,
I have no tears,
I exist in darkness,
I have no fears,
Just eagerness,
To end the coming years.

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