Opening a Light

May 6, 2008
By Heather Culver, Montgomery, MI

Opening a light in the mist of the sky
He wished he wasn't the reason why
All she needed was time to cry
She wished he didn't have to say good bye

He seen it as a normal relationship
He did love her, but then they just lost grip
Maybe it was a name or a phrase he felt inclined to slip
Whatever it was, she had to let it go, it was a time to skip

She thought she was his rose
And now her heart was in dispose
She thought they were friends, but maybe the whole time they were foes
She had to move on. it's what he had chose

His voice to her now did not matter
It was nothing but chatter
Like a fountain all a big splatter
Her tears are swelling and becoming fatter

He seems to be nothing but heartless
Although ne didn't realize, he left her lifeless
She couldn't move on, she was simply hopeless
He was portrayed to be empty adn careless

She'll learn to be strong and no longer weak
Her teras will no longer run nor leak
For a new love she'll begin to seek
Among the faces in the sea adn over the highest mountain peak

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