The Tears Come Out

May 6, 2008
By Jayson Robbins, Columbus, MT

The tears come out in sadness when
You over think the idea of
Her, the one you love leaving for someone else.

The tears come out in the thought
Of not being a good boyfriend,
Where it seems that
Some things are never done
Right or enough to make
Her as happy as she can.

The tears come out in jealousy,
When you see her seeming to
Be having more fun with another guy.

The tears come out in happiness
When you say I Love You,
She says it back and
You know she means it.

When she tells you she won't
Leave you for someone else,
And trust her she won't.

When she says that you're
The best boyfriend she has ever had,
And she still loves you even if you
Don't do some things right.

When you find out she wasn't
Having more fun with him

When you talk and she lets
You know that you make her happy
And she wouldn't know
What to do without you.

The tears come out.

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