Kissing Him

May 6, 2008
By Brittany Dhaene, Brighton, ZZ

My stomach it flips
it flutters and flops,
He's moving in closer
and I'm not wanting to stop.

I'm leaning up
and he's leaning down,
The world it moves slow
and I'm not hearing a sound.

The moment it happens
but the magic it's gone,
No longer do I feel
the want and the long.

This thing I've been missing
no longer exists,
My stomachs no longer
in flips or in twists.

I've loved this boy once
but never again.
My heart no longer will
have to defend.

The tears Ive cried
are good and gone,
I just can't believe
it took me this long.

To finally see
this boy I've been missing,
Is nothin more
than a dream I've been wishing.

I'm ready for change
from this way I've been living,

It's going to be hard
I'm not saying it's easy,
But this make-believe love,

No longer can please me.

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