May 6, 2008
By Christina Helmick, Fayetteville, NC

Again standing before the world;
I constantly find myself here.
Thick walls surround me—
Self-built, self-maintained they will ever be.

I’ve always held my heart over their heads.
Arrogance and fear where my fatal flaws.
Contradictory—its true,
But this paradox is my definition through and through.

I used “unique” as a justification for being alone.
I was too ugly to be so different and still be accepted.
I sewed my heart into my chest so that it would never travel to my sleeve.
But it didn’t matter…you knew me well, and I began to believe.

You coaxed me out of my shell.
Taught me to love my own soul…
Love myself…as you did.
It saved me sir, to do as you bid.

“Cut from the same cloth.”
“Derived from the same mold.”
Our love was passion for sheer passion’s sake.
And with each candid promise, our hearts threatened to break.

This world is cold,
A killer of all that is real.
Mediocre expectations of maturity
Murdered our chances of unabashed purity.

People sneered when they saw the distance.
They called us young and naïve when we confided our love.
You and I never expected them to understand,
We knew that comprehension would be as fleeting as shifting sands.

And they were right to a degree.
The world broke our bond for a time.
We build bridges in secrecy however,
Promise that the second time around will last forever.

These words are a weak retelling of our story.
A public declaration from a tongue cursed with dumbness.
I stand here feeling bare and exposed,
With the depth of my devotion disclosed.

I hope that you see me, Love,
And never forget where we’ve been.
You’re the catalyst of everything that means anything to me.
My heart is on my sleeve, sir…There for everyone to see.

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