Cry if an Orphan....

May 6, 2008
By Kavya Nair, Jhunjunnu,Rajasthan, ZZ

Covered in rags and filled with gasps,
I lay, cruelly beaten on the cold floor.
I quest for knowledge, I thirst for love,
But an Orphan remains unlettered and uncared.
Darkness evolved me, Misery seized me,
Refuge had I seeked but fantasy captured me.
Orphanage, they say, is Home for Homeless,
Nay, say I, this is Hell for Homeless.
My bony shoulders carried bricks all day,
My skinny hands washed clothes all night.
The tear strained face of mine, cried for mercy,
The sunken eyes of mine, wandered nervously.
Quick ears and pounding heart sensed danger always,
Slashed and knobby legs of mine trembles,
For a piece of bread my stomach rumbles.
But an Orphan remains unheard and unguarded.
For a word of love, I thirsted.
For a hand to hold upon, I cried.
Mother, I seek your love.
Father, I seek your care.
No family, No friend do I have.
An Orphan remains alone forever.

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