May 6, 2008
By Dalton Gore, Renton, WA

She didn't know you took the picture
Yet she sits there perfectly posed
A smile posed on her lips, waiting
Teasing you, but unaware of the fact
That you just captured this moment
And are going to keep it forever
Maybe one day she will know
But for now, she just sits there
With that smile poised and staring
Playful eyes. Red hair. Black Sweatshirt.
It was your sweatshirt
You stole hers, so she stole yours
It was only fair, after all.
She says it over and over again,
Forever captured in your phone
Forever relivingthat moment
That one moment over and over
She will never wake up
Though it is only a picture
The memory with it will always be there
Lasting forever, forever waiting
A story to be told.
Waiting to be told.
Wanting to be told.
Of a playful girl, in her prime
Staring at you, like you were important
To her, you were
To the world, maybe not, but to her
And why should anyone else matter
Because what she didn't know was
How important she is to you

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