I Am Calling

May 6, 2008
By Rizzia Legaspi, Salinas, CA

Can you hear me? i am calling!
The words are coming out of my mouth,
but no sounds seem to be heard.
Can you hear me? I am broken!
bound to the cruelty of the reality, and the never ending pain, and suffering.
Can you hear me? I am hurt.
hurt by the events occuring.
hurt by the ones who love me.
and hurt by my own actions and decisions.

Though i look tough on the outside,
I am weak on the inside.
I am "fragile", as what you would call it.
Like a fine China in a package,
So beautiful
So precious
But easy to be broken.

My soul is weak, for it has no inspiration.
My mind is scatter, for it has no track to stay on.
I am lost, in the valley of darkness and depression.
All I want is somebody who will care.
Give inspiration,
And help me find my way back HOME,
Where I can be heard.

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