the Darkness

May 6, 2008
By Molly Elston, Omaha, NE

It seems the whole world is asleep
As we sit alone under a cool blue blanket of darkness.
Above our heads is a place so extensive
That we are forced to contemplate.

The night sky is too complex
To allow our minds to rest.
It transforms us
From mere spectators to philosophers.

It seems that we are the only souls awake
As the night sky speaks to us
With her bright fragments of light that penetrate
The darkness and our hearts.

The wind blows quietly through the darkness
Whispering secrets to us
Telling things only the night could know
Truth in the rawness and mystery of the dark.

It seems that all other eyes are closed
As our minds try to reach as deep as our eyes were able.
Straining to absorb all the ideas possible
Under the cover of darkness.

The crackling fire warms the body
The cold is at our backs
And the comfortable red warmth allows our minds to wander
Away from the flames and farther into the darkness.

It seems that our lives are smaller
As we gaze at the awesomeness of the black, night sky.
Life’s easier to understand when we’re alone
With nothing in the darkness to sway us but ourselves.

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