Sad Beauty

May 5, 2008
As The Sun Sets And The Moon Rises
We Look Up At The Sky Watching,
The Moon Light Shines Upon Us
Beautiful, He Says
I Know!, I Say
No, Beautiful You Are, He Says
Staring Into My Eyes
I Turn Away And Look To The Sky
Hoping That It Could Give Me Advise
Sad Beauty That's What I Think Of
Feeling Beautiful And Looking Beautiful
Is Two Different Things
Sad Beauty Because I Think Of Ugly
Well, What Is That Really?
An Ugly Frame Of Mind
Someone That's Ugly On The Outside
And You Call Them That Not Knowing
Whats Within,
Sad Beauty
Mistaken Taken Misused Abused
Offensive To The Sense Of Beauty
Quit Gods Duties Cause You Want
What Beauty?
God Made Us With Beauty
Just In Many Different Ways
So I Think. Me Ugly
Never Could I Be
Only To Those Who Think
That They Could Judge Me
Sad Beauty
Causing Sorrow and Pain
Weap What You Sow
Sad Beauty In Vain
Not Only A Look But A Feeling Too
Don't Let Anyone Judge You

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