Wrongs Done

May 5, 2008
By Marina Reyes, Fort Worth, TX

She cries and everyone dies a little more inside
They know why the tears come so easy for her
They are the reason
They killed murdered how ever you want to put it
I tell your the story from the beginning.
This is how it when down she there this chick her name is Daymi she sweet and kind and beuatiful but people only see what on the outside
Her only friend was a girl that everyone loved and care for another popular girl
But some how the outcast and the popular got to gether and hit it off
One day thought change it all
Popular girl got a boy and she left daymi all alone
Her protection was gone and all was lost
Everyone mad fun of her Everyone had a little helping in had to killing her not by kifes or guns but by word now you say this cant kill this cant murder but it dose
She died the day her friend got a Boyfriend but no one really knew
Dayim got stress out and it the fainlly blow was when they sad that last word to her
No one cares for you
That sentence was all it took
See what you dont know was that was the last word her mom left to her when she was 8 in a letter
Every since then she bottle her feelings
That what it took to get her over the edge
The hurt lead her to stress
Which lead her to die
Now the only friend tears up in class when you talk to her
She sit alone at luch crying say it was her fault
Was it or was it yours for siting their and leting it pass by you
Or was it the crowed that really pulled the trigger for her
Was it her moms fault for giving her the letter that stareted it all
Or was it my fault?
for telling the unwanted story that no one want to relive
Or was it made up

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