Here in my Heart: My Godfather (Jimbo)

May 5, 2008
By Thomas Valente, Wilmington, MA

I am your Godson.

I am your Godfather.

I miss you deeply.

I am still here in your heart.

I wish I could see you

now that I am older.

I watch you grow up everyday.

I remember drawing you pictures.

I have kept every one in my heart.

I remember being confused
about what had happened.

I know. I felt for you.

I prayed for you to get better.

I appreciate your prayers.

I remember watching you
run marathons with my dad.

I cherished every moment I spent with your father.

I run to remember your life.

I am with you every race you run.

I pray to you everyday.

I listen to your prayers everyday.

Please protect and watch
over my family.

I will always be with you.

I’ll remember and love you

I’ll remember and love you forever.

You are forever here in my heart.
You are forever here in my heart.

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