My iPod

May 5, 2008
By Thomas Valente, Wilmington, MA

My iPod shines brightly in luminescent silver.
Its memory emancipates songs expressing every emotion.
Rock music produces sounds of pure passion.
The sound of the guitar sends chills up my spine,
as the notes flow like icy cold water through my veins.
The notes hit sound confused and jumbled,
but speak to me the unspeakable.
A mixture of sound and silence pours through the speakers,
rhythmically and artistically portraying the sounds of life.
The sound of the drums pounding is like a stampede of a thousand bulls.
Techno music infiltrates my mind and soul,
like an army liberating my emotions.
As I listen to the music my soul soars high above the earth.
I feel like I am dancing on top of a cloud among angels.

I will shield my iPod with its indestructible case.
It is the key to my heart that cannot be lost.
My iPod will be cosseted from all external forces,
I will not let the battery die because it is music that keeps me alive.

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