Emotional Ride

May 5, 2008
This emotion that you create for me
Turns my heart around
All you bring is pain
It's like you have cut my heart open a million times
And each time it gets deeper and deeper
I poured my heart and soul out to you
This is all I get
This feeling has grown so cold
You scared my heart for life
I should have listened to everyone but I just denied it because I wanted this love to be so real
It was like this was all a big game to you
Well I guess you've won
I was the one ended up hurt
I saw your roller coaster and jumped on it too easy
You saw my weakness and used it against me and that wasn't fair but I guess love isn't fair at all
I told you that i loved you and you said it back but the difference is that I meant it and you didn't
Now all you bring is pain
My feelings for you have grown so cold

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