Eclipse Of Ideals and Other Poems

May 5, 2008
By Joe Mikulin, Clinton, OH

Cut me, I’ll bleed
As the pains now proceed

It consumes me now and then,
As I anticipate where and when

A melodic eulogy conquers my head,
Thumbs its nose at my bliss, choke it

Hurt me, I’ll ache
No more can I take

An empty promise, exploited fear
A pointlessly sweet nothing invades virgin ear

A harmonized epic, cantankerous to though
Evades conscious efforts to tie emotions taut

Disengage me, I’ll die
As you steal another lie

I can’t shake the illusion, as my perception blurs
My unorthodox nightmare persistently occurs

A rhythmic hymn launched at my brain
Punctures the synapse as it echoes again

Love me, I’ll fear
Ulterior motives now sneer

Blasphemy amuck, the end can’t be near
An unreal joust to quench edacity of fear

A hypnotic chant condescends,
Leaving addictions a heart never repents

The anguish has seized, I grasp at the air
Just the memories prove too much to bear

I leave the blight with lust, as euphoria emerge
The evils and obscenities, my unconsciousness will purge


You have few chances to make yourself great
Seize the opportunities before it’s too late
But as the world passes you by
Remember those who helped you fly
You owe great thanks to those hallowed few
They were there before you flew
And if not for them you would be still,
Only one with a dream and iron will
It takes others to help you soar
And become greater than ever before
Some leave, some stay
Some are there everyday
Even those who do move on
Help you reach a new dawn
Home is not a structure, a place
But more so the sight of a friendly face,
The people who get you by,
The love for you that will never die
As you now see, no matter where you roam,
You will always remember your true home.

Inferiority Complex

Look up high,
They’re up there.
Peer up and sigh,
As they breach thin air

Everyone is up there,
All except you.
Superiority, without a care,
Chokes normalcy blue

Why are they great?
Must envy exist?
All you know dissipates,
Adding to their bliss

They’re never bitter,
They’re always right
The distant glitter
Deep in the night

You feel inferior,
Emotions all clump.
Reluctantly bow to superiors,
As shock makes you jump

Maybe you’re wrong,
They’re human too.
Jealousy is not prolonged,
Stage an almighty coupe…


How it hurts still
Please make it stop
This pain could kill,
Could make veins pop

Get it out of me
Force it to leave
Something you can’t see
Brings pain you won’t believe

How scared I’ve become,
I won’t lie
I exert a jittery hum
And then scream at the sky

I’ve tried to ignore
The mounting stress
But I can no more
As the anguishes progress

I wish it would quit
And leave me alone
Loud cries I emit
Sail into the unknown

I need this to end
Or I cannot go on
My emotions won’t bend
When my heart is gone

This splinter goes deep,
Straight to my brain
Indiscretions you keep
Cause my life to drain

And its persistent ache shows
That I can’t be fine
I think that everyone knows
This splinter crossed the line

Tempting Pasts Rest At Long Last

Déjà vu, we’ve seen this before
Almost created something, but shut the door
Too well I realize what has happened here
I witness the truth, but play it by ear

Reflect off past memories that have always been long gone
The revelation almost bringing a new life, a new dawn

Life went on then, and shall presume
One can’t be certain, but I will assume

Not all will change, but some things will end
Confidence will lean, and trust will bend

How dare you lie directly to my face
Deny yourself happiness, and not know it; disgrace

How dare you feel you have a right
To make it your duty to ruin a life

I would suggest next time, if you want to, you do not
First I must regroup, become thankful for all I’ve got

Try to think from a view other than your own
Attempt to fix things, work your hands to the bone

Do not dare to cross my path, or problems will occur
When I associated with you, you were all I thought you were

Stay away from me, and allow me to soar,
Allow me to bypass this unopened door

Woefully Abandoned

In your heart I belong,
I’m wanted and dear
Could I be wrong?
Something’s amiss here

I like to think I’m not forgotten
I like to think I’m not alone
But only misery does misery beget,
The making of which is a lonely tone

As I wander off,
I open my eyes
I curse and scoff
As I decipher your lies

I aspire to be treasured
And to adulate in return
But silence continues, unmeasured
As my heartstrings quickly burn

I feel a terrible draught
Coming into my life
Condolence, I’m without
As my heart and brain fill with strife

I can think of no power
To denounce this creed
My mouth now turns sour
As my consciousness bleeds

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