The Destiny of Life and the master of death with fate they rein.

January 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Dark as day black as night 3 way paths ignite, do not fear for a hope or jump for a joy for one unknown will come out alone. If you dare stare at the gloom do not worry for a knight will rescue you. One days worth of horror and glory all turn out into a mood. So do not be sad for that won’t do for if you are a glistening ball of light will come for you. To the outskirts of town do we race, the 3 way paths show our way?
So as you see me and my three all we are is the destiny of life. Through jumps of joy and sorrow and pain of many memories do we rein? For the master of death we are and shall ever be forever more. Tis this is not the end of me and my 3 for you shall find us in your darkest hour. You shall look upon our faces and see your bliss come alive, do not fear for we are yours just one little sting of human blood will give us fuel to bring prosperity to the land. May we warn you of our thirst the second one will rage and rumble at the first sight of your blood.
So go along now little one for it is time to begin your journey. Remember me and my three the destiny of life for one day you will see us again.

Remember me, me and my three? For how long have you been gone little one for we have missed you the master of death and destiny of life. Do not run or hide; do not waste one look of confusion. Tis you have ran and jumped but now it is time to meet your fate. Do not fear for she is kind, she will not bite or harm for she is fate only to guide you to the right path she will do.

So go along now meet your fate for me and my three will be waiting. “Who is this that comes before me? Aw it is you the one guided by the three, come do not be shy. I do not bite or harm for I only guide. In love with thee you shall see the northern star shall present thy self for thee. Upon its arrival it shall say, to dusk to night I will be there for I am yours forever and ever.”

“You will sigh but will not fear for you have seen dark times in your life. So now onward you march to the gates of glory for there shall you see the unknown of all evil? But if you fear or slip one hope doom shall meet you at the swords point. So as you stand here before me I bless thee with courage and bravery. For you shall need it evermore when you stand before that glory gate. Now now do not tire, for the night has just begun. Go now little one back to the 3 you must go for you have kept them waiting long enough.”

There you are little one how long you kept us waiting. Do not waste one single breath on explanation for we know what fate has spoken. So now ye onward march to the highest peak, there you shall find an angel await in the deep. Do not be sad or waste a tear for you have much more to do. When you reach the highest peak thy angel will present thy self to thee. Amongst him you shall find a sword, do not concern for it is for you so go now little one and meet your fate.

Upon a mountain I arrived looking for the angel. Quiet as can be a bright light appeared in the midst. Sighing with relief of the discovery I say unto him, “Sir, may I have my sword for I am to meet evils unknown at the gates of glory.” Tis there was no reply for a moment’s pause, then all the sudden he spoke saying, “Young child, the sword on my belt is for thee but you must come speak with me.” In anger I stood frustrated as could be I walk up to him. “Sir, I need my sword I do not have time for speaking.”
There was but only a chuckle that came from him, and then he came into view. The light was gone now I can see clearly the angel of the deep. He was clothed in silk with a bow of gold in his hand, a sash hung from his shoulder which held the sword I needed. I looked upon his face and saw a kind gentle smile which made a warm welcome with the dark brown of his eyes. Stumbling back I grasp his hand for I could not fall into the snow.

“Thy child has no patience I see, for I must give thee a warning from the three.” I blinked once and then agreed for I needed to hear the warning. He spoke of riddles in the deep for behind the glory gate there lays a creature of evil. I shook in fear for I did not want to see this creature. “Thy child must return another day for today is not the day of your fate. Go now young child and get rest for a week’s worth of energy. Then you shall travel far and wide and seek what you find at shadows end.”

I took the advice and did as he said for I was tired forever more. I do not remember of awakening for I had fell into a deep slumber in the core of the deep mountain top. For this is my journey that I tell but yet I could not yet finish, so I say to you, take happiness in thy life for it may not last forever as you may have planned, for death and fate may come for thee in your weakest point of thy trials. So as I stay in this deep slumber I have one thing left to say to thee, life is not about how many breaths you take but how many that take your breath away.

The author's comments:
Well this piece was written out of feeling of being lost and confused then finally finding peace in the end.

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