It’s too late

May 5, 2008
By monique nerison, Eau Claire, WI

When I look inside my soul
I find you there
And the sorrow that you give me
Will I ever see the truth?
That I love you, and can't let go?
Or is it just far too late?

You are my hero and my strength
In you I find my guidence
And you know it
Dreams are hard to follow
Especially when they float away in front of your eyes
Will I ever see the truth?
That you give me so much… and yet so little
Or is it just far too late?

Today I wanted to call you
Just to talk to you, cause you sometimes make me happy
And sometimes make me sad
But it was not the right time
Will I ever see the truth?
That you keep on hurting me
Or is it just far too late

I just pray that some day
You will feel as much hurt and pain as I do
Then you will find me there in your heart
And let go of a little tear
That tear is me saying: I miss you
But will I ever see the truth?
That this day might never come?
Is it far to late for that now...

But I know it's never to late to think of you
Think of you pretty smile, that made me melt
I still recall the words you said to me:
"I will never let you go"
It hurts like hell
Will I ever se the truth?
That sometimes it's better to let go?

Maybe the truth is
That you will never leave my heart
You will always remain as bright memories
And fill me with happiness when I think of you
And maybe the truth is
That it isn't so bad as I make it

I wish that someone could tell me the truth some day!

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