Love, trust, connections

May 5, 2008
By Olivia Walters, Brooklyn, NY

Love is a passionate feeling
It can be strong or it can be persuasive
Maybe tormenting or can be desired
People’s hearts can have a deep affection
Love can be a burden
It can be hurtful
Passionate for some, doubtful for others
Passion, lust, trust, and bonds
The mind, body and soul connect
With the deepness of someone’s respect
Open up to that special person who you desire
Let them in your mind and spirit with a connection so strong
That nothing could break you apart
So much love don’t know which one is true or
Which one is cold
Love can hurt so much
That you wouldn’t even know what to do
Love a strong desire
Kindness a way to share your emotions
So strong so deep
Sweep me off my wonderful feet
Above my heart above my soul
You’re the one who made me whole.

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