Prologue to the Genre Tales

May 5, 2008
By Morgan Judd, Wilder, VT

With the sun and the moon high in the skies,
Six different kinds of awesomeness rise,
There was rock; there was rap, and country in sight,
And techno, and metal, and some pop, that’s all right,
They were all brought here to see who’s the best,
It will either be you or you’ll die like the rest.
Then one more on the horizon, he came with a scowl,
This man was quite mean, this man, was Simon Cowel,
“Welcome to the event!” that is what he said,
“You’ll play your best song, or you will be dead”.
“I’ve brought you all forth to play me a song,”
“To find out which of you is best and which of you don’t belong”
“If your song is best, then you’ll be rewarded,”
“With instruments and fans and all your socks sorted.”
“If you wish not to play, then you may leave un-sore.”
“But your genre will fail, to be listened to nevermore.”
“To play is to win, to lose is to die”
“You must step up now, or your termination is nye.”
With all of there fears giving way to greed,
All the genres committed to completing this deed.
They picked up there mics, there guitars and there drums,
And techno, having nothing, said “My lips will be numb”.
Rock was determined to win this contest,
“I will give it my all, I will give it my best!”
“With my heart wrenching lyrics that make the girls cry,”
“To my awesome guitar solos that make ponies die,”
“I will win this contest so you should give in”
Then Rap said “Naw dood, that aint happinin’
“I Got my moves, got my lyrics, got my mic, and my voice”
“So you’re gonna lose man, you aint got no choice.”
Country jumped in and said something strange
Along the lines of “My puppies got mange”
His voice is very throaty and his songs sometimes bring laughter,
But we know Simon Cowel hates it when they just yell “TRACTOR!”
Techno jumped in with his beats in A-Craze
Leaving people mindless and stunned in a daze
“My lyrics are hot, the colors are blinding,”
“You will jump around, my music is binding!”
Then metal slouched in with its harmonics of death,
Its low sounding vocals that leave you out of breath,
“My raging guitars and singing of dragons,”
“Will leave you in pieces that fit in wagons.”
Last there was pop, you know who this is,
She shaves of her hair and has multiple kids.
The pictures on the internet they can be quite scary,
Even though she has not been recently, quite hairy.
“Ah, my bad girl attitude will keep you in line,
“So hit me baby one more time,”
My lyrics and dancers will make you cry,
So you stand no chance, so "bye-bye-bye"
The stage has been set, and the characters choose,
It is time to begin, the audience knows.
The test will begin, there will be no slander,
But in the end there can only be one highlander!!!


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