Do you hear me Father?

January 27, 2012
By IsaiahWrites BRONZE, Lynnwood, Washington
IsaiahWrites BRONZE, Lynnwood, Washington
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Do you hear me Father?
When I question my every belief
From the world we walk, to the air we breathe,
are you listening?
What is this hesitation in the search of your grace
to fulfill Penance, Sacraments and healing,
our devotion to see your face

I question the question
The masses of people ask
when they fill the pews
to attend the Mass
of your word.
But none of your teachings
can seem to be heard, through
empty voices too loud, too weak,
to hold our prayers
We are too proud to strip down our layers
for you

And when the priest delivers words of well wishing,
We wish to ask what it means to be Christian,
Coins of hope, dropped in a well of indecision,
are we too blind, or are we searching for vision?
Is our minds too numb to believe
we stand up from our seats and turn to the door
and with it we leave,
your lessons left on the floor

It might be that I’m to slow to ask “What could’ve . . “
Before I begin to ponder
What are we afraid of?
the castle in the sky?
Why are you walking away?
from this inviting place.
Is it our very own faith?
that has us walking away.
God can’t be replaced
in his heart we are safe
And yet we cannot understand,
we don’t want to know

Tonight, you say to yourself,
“I’m not going to pray”
Every night, every day
The same thing you say,
Why are you pushing him away?
But you don’t
Because in that morning, that feeling is betrayed
as your thoughts are displayed
to him

It’s now, the mists of my confusion, clear
your voice is sent ringing through my ears,
my trust found you in a rush of waves
and my barriers shifted,
they cracked,
and they caved

When Sunday rolls around, you walk into the pew
You’re kneeling, knees on the ground praying.
Remember, just like Jesus prayed for you
with knees on the cross, to free us from sin
His love is within, for
Love is God, and my love is in him

Do you hear that Father?
I am listening.

The author's comments:
Just some thoughts I had about religion.

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