May 5, 2008
By Shaora Burton, Durhan NC, NC

There love was stronger than ever
They wrote each other everyday
The woman asked questions all the time
Like, “When are you coming home?
What city or country you are at now”?
The only thing the man would say was
“I am coming home soon”.
Every time he said that, the lady became more worried.
She worries that love of her life was not coming back to her
Every night and day she pray to let him come home

The last letter he wrote before….
Was that he love her dearly
He couldn’t wait to see her until
One day lady hears a knock at the door
She didn’t open it at first
Because she was scared
Then the person kept on knocking
Her final answer the door
She was scared & crying
When she opened the door
It was him right there safe and sound
There love last forever

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