Memo to the Fallen

May 5, 2008
Reach through the haze of profanity
Racial slurs
Cup your hands and catch
the ash of human bone
As fists rage against flesh
Without meaning or purpose
Murders for peace
Rapes for love
Remains mute in the face of
A thousand blades: one for each time
You have slain
With euphemistic words
False promises
Blasphemous "I love you"s
What is there left to say
When the world is crashing down
The weight of the failures of
Plummeting as an avalanche, a torrent
Of misery
Internal anguish, fragmented dreams
Little sons and daughters are alone
Before they are taken from the womb
Where are you?
I can't see you,
Can't feel your hand clasped in my own
Are you still out there?
How much time is left?
Tears of defeat
Pour from stranger's eyes
Blinding numb unknowing
The impending annihilation
Is around the corner




To consume us

Lock us up alone with our failures

We are falling

into the oblivion

Of leaping
Before knowing how to fly

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