I Am

May 5, 2008
By Devan Masuicca, Mexico, NY

I am a sad little boy
I wonder if she will say yes again
I hear her voice
I see her smiling face
I want her to be happy
I am a sad little boy

I pretend she is not gone
I feel her hand holding mine
I touch her warm rosy red cheeks
I worry she will never be happy
I cry every time I think of her
I am a sad little boy

I understand why she left
I say it was not fair
I dream she will come back to me
I try to forget the past
I hope she will too
I am a sad little boy

I am older now and wiser
I know that it was fair
I dream about a future
With someone who does care
I know she will understand
But will I?

I am hers and she is mine
Loving her is hard sometimes
I feel as if I am under her spell
But I figure only time will tell

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