My Path

May 4, 2008
By Cameron Kasmar, Barrington, IL

I can’t believe it’s over, it’s finally here
The end of High School, and of senior year

Courses and classes have been construed
Parties were crashed and friendships renewed

As frustrated teachers continue to glare
At the hundreds of seniors, who don’t seem to care

Because school’s almost over, it’s all in the past
We’re all adults now, we’ve made it at last

I hear all the seniors laugh and cheer
About which college they’ll be attending next year

DePaul, Iowa, Harper, Purdue,
And Illinois State, to name a few

Doctors and lawyers, engineers you see
That’s what all my friends want to be

And all this talk about college prep
To get us all ready for that final step

But what of the few who refused a degree?
And chose instead to fight for the free

The young men and women facing war’s wrath
I’d want to travel that lonely path

To fight with heroes by my side
But which branch to join I just can’t decide

I thought it’d be cool, I thought it’d be fun
To stand among many as an Army of One

Imagine a kid of only eighteen
Running and marching with an M16

And those Navy commercials showed courage and strife
I’d always wanted to accelerate my life

To travel the world and see the unknown
To serve on a ship, a country it’s own

And then there’s the Air Force, I heard they’re the best
They never give up and fly above the rest

You’d think it’d be awesome flying around
Though I like my feet planted firmly on ground

But there is another I want to try
I’ll tell you a story and then you’ll know why

They fight for right and for the free
From Montezuma to Tripoli

They run through the day and march through the night
On land, air, and sea they’re the first to fight

The greatest fighting force the world has seen
There’s no better soldier than a U.S Marine

You can point them out easy, they stand out in a crowd
Yet there aren’t many, the few and the proud

So few have answered their country’s call
To defend liberty and justice for all

For us soldiers it’s each other we need
Honor and courage is our code and our creed

Though many have smiled and shaken my hand
Thanking me for defending our land

There are some who point their fingers and laugh
And can’t understand why we’ve chosen this path

They don’t understand why we do what we do
But we just stand proud and say it’s for you

We fight for our flag and our countrymen
And if called upon we’d do it again

We fight for the Serb, the Korean, the Iraqi
We fight for their rights and the chance to be free

We ask for nothing, we don’t even say please
While our flag is unfurled to every breeze

There is no need to ask us twice
We’re willing to make the sacrifice

To die for our country, that’s what we’ll save
This land of the free and home of the brave

And still some point and still some laugh
And wonder why we’ve chosen this path

And if I die in a combat zone
Just box me up and ship me home

Pin my medals upon my chest
And tell my friends I did my best

That’s what we shout and that’s what we sing
While running cadence, it’s the damndest thing

To sing about our fateful deaths
Defending freedom to our dying breaths

And some still wonder and voice aloud
Why they call us the few and the proud

And why I have chosen this as my dream
To live and die as a U.S Marine

Every day they ask me why
And all I can say is Semper Fi

That is our motto and that is our creed
Always Faithful we are and faithful we’ll be

To dead brothers in arms we shed but one tear
For to fail our country is our only fear

No matter the cost we’ll continue to fight
It’s each soldier’s duty to do what is right

We’ll never stop and we’ll never fall
While fighting for liberty and justice for all

No matter the planes Osama may send
We’ll fight for each other till the end

As long as our country’s flag is unfurled
We’ll continue the fight and bring peace to the world

But to have peace, it takes lives you see
For nothing in this world is free

We soldiers are willing to pay that price
To make the ultimate sacrifice

Semper Fidelis is our holy creed
Honor and courage is what we believe

And still there are some who protest if they dare
They say we are wrong, but I don’t care

For that is what we fight for each day
So they have the right to say what they say

No money nor comfort or vacation for me
My rifle, my Corps, is all that I need

So say what you want I don’t care if you laugh
‘Cause this is my life, and this is my path

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