May 4, 2008
By Madison Johnson, Okmulgee, OK

Pale face shining in the light,
Eyes so big and bright.
Mouth always twisted into a smile,
Laughter ringing into the night.

Feeling things she had never felt,
Great memories always being dealt.
Heart constantly pounding when he was near,
Being shown what happiness could really mean.

There’s no one greater that she could find.
When they’re together nothing crosses her mind.
She dreams of being with him 'til the end of time,
He always wanted her by his side.

Claiming she was as beautiful as could be,
Unsure of how nobody had been able to see.
He said he would always love her,
Promising to forever be there.

Now her face is even paler than before,
Those same eyes are now lifeless and sore.
That mouth always straight and never relaxed
And her laughter being heard no more.

Those feelings should be as good as dead.
The memories need to be erased from her head.
Her heart has been completely ripped apart,
Even still, she longs to remember how life used to be.

When she thinks of him, she begins to get dizzy,
Now she spends her time just trying to keep busy.
Ever since she was left with shattered dreams
She tries to move on him but it doesn't make it easy.

Now her beauty she tries to hide,
Not wanting people to see how sad she is inside.
“Love” has no meaning to her anymore,
And “forever” is just a joke in her world.

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