The Pigman

January 25, 2012
By emily7 BRONZE, Kenova, West Virginia
emily7 BRONZE, Kenova, West Virginia
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Ring! That is one word I think of when someone mentions “The Pigman” By: Paul Zindel. It is a great book for teenagers to read. It is a realistic fictional book. I think it is a great book for teenagers because it was written by the point of view of teenagers.

Some of the places visited in this book were the zoo with the man they met named Angelo Pignati, Mr. Pignati’s house, the stores in the mall, the hospital, and when they were with their friends they visited a graveyard. A few characters in this book were Lorraine, John, Norton, Dennis, Jane, Janice, and Mr.Pignati. One example of rising action in this book would be when Mr. Pignati was in the hospital, because while he was in the hospital Lorraine and john threw a party and invited a few friends and their friends invited friends and somehow Norton, who wasn’t invited found out about the party, then him and John got in a fight because Norton was trying to steal things so then Norton tried to run and then broke a bunch of things. The climax in this book would have to be when a grown-up show up at the party which is a bad thing because no grownups were supposed to know about the party. The resolution of the book would be when John and Lorraine were unable to socialize with the Pigman, or visit him, until one day they got the courage to call him from school and arranged to meet him at his favorite place, the zoo. While there, they soon found out some tragic news.

Something different about this book about this story is that each chapter is alternated between John and Lorraine narrating them. The Pigman, compared to the cheat is that there was no one taking a test in this book. My opinion of this book is it was confusing because there were a lot of things happening in this book. I would recommend this book to others because it was very exciting and interesting. Maybe you will also decide to read this book.

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