If I knew whwn I'd die

January 25, 2012
Being dying everyday sucks,
But so does being immortal.
'Living Forever' is not the crux
But, 'Days left in Grand Total'.

Won't it be much better
To know 2012 or sometime
In 2096 (better if not latter)?
Just imagine, it's not crime.

Prepare schedule for each day.
Prioritize the bucket list.
Cancel, 'cause you can't delay
To do things you really wished

Make plans for each weekend!
Just earn enough to survive,
Until I meet my 'The End'.
To live, than to be alive.

I can breath fearless
If I know it is not tonight.
Ride without safety, yes!
Now is not the time, right?

'When?' if someone could specify,
We'll take it more serious.
We can't pretend and lie,
Complain, cry and make a fuss.

I can hear words on
My funeral, that I can attend
The regrettable, after being born
I can try to mend.

Think of my last words to record,
Before I say goodbye.
I could leave with my own accord,
If I knew when I'd die.

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