The known strangers

January 25, 2012
By Mousam Shah GOLD, Mumbai, Other
Mousam Shah GOLD, Mumbai, Other
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Sunday is the time when people enjoy their leisure, but me on contrary have to work harder on that day because I am running garments shop were people prefer shopping on Sundays, but that morning I woke up early at 8 … and I can blame scorching heat of sun for this purpose which directly hits my eyes, I tried harder to sleep, but I finally failed that morning
So that day I was doing my work at very slow pace, as I woke up early, after finishing my work , I left home and headed towards station, I saw some group of young people following me , as there was tremendous rush in local trains, I decided to put my volet on left side of my shirt and mobile on the right.
So as soon as I reached the station I saw the same group of young people chattering among them, I thought, what a wonderful co- incidence was that. Anyway I started with my daily routine as the time passed the number of customers also increased. Some customers were so smart that they wanted to attach cufflinks to sleeveless t-shirt … it was too difficult to explain them what sleeveless means and what are cufflinks, after that came some customers who just wants me work, I almost shown my whole shop but they kept on rejecting , after that came a wonderful customer who was so good at bargaining that she starting saying the figures that even manufacture can’t afford . In this way customer came and went uptill 7 pm … I was so tired and hungry that I went out to have something to eat and even there I saw the same group of people. But I always give priority to my food so I ignored them and concentrated on my dosa and finally started with my work
After that how clock struck 11 from 7 I dint realize. That was time to shut my shop as most of the shops were already closed, so even I closed my shop and was walking towards station.
As I was walking I saw pistol on front of my face. I turned round and realized that there were seven people who wanted to loot me up. They had cover their faces with black cloth in order to hide their identity. At that point of time person could opt only two things either to flight or to fight. A s I was brave child in my family, I decided to run away from them and as fast and as far as possible.
They many times warn me, and ordered me to stop , but I kept on running in order to escape them . Suddenly a tall man with pistol in his hand appeared from front , he fired at me and bullet pierce my shirt and struck somewhere, at that time only I realized was the loud cling sound and super powerful jerk on my left portion of chest. He further came closer to me but at that time a loud barking voice came from behind and he run away.
Some meters away police caught some people using guns without license; they were none other than the people who were following me since morning and tried to loot me.
Thanks to government thick Rs 5 coin which stopped bullet from penetrating my heart and somewhere luck could also held responsible ,because of which I placed my volet on left side of my shirt who protected my heart from getting affected by bullet. So even small objects can save your life.

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