When for the first time

January 25, 2012
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When I was three, mother said children should be the best one, but my teacher said children are what u makes them.
When I started learning alphabets, world said tit for tat, but my teacher said act wise and never react.
When 1st time I saw my body bleeding, world said I shouldn’t jump like an ape, but my teacher said self help is the best help.
When for the first time I got my pocket money, world said how to use money should be learned, but teacher said Penny saved is penny earned.
When for the first time I was late, world said that he should be removed with the remark and sign, but my teacher said stitch in time saves nine.
When for the first time I got festinated for mobile, world said I am very eager, but teacher said flies are easier to catch with honey than with vinegar.
When for the first time I was paused, world said I should prevent myself from running, but teacher said every cloud has silver lining.
When for the first time I was made object of fun, world said I m suppose to learn something more than I have, but my teacher said god help them who help themselves.
When for the first time I entered my college, world said I should start socialize in order to live with harmony, but teacher said better be alone than in bad company.
When for the first time I contradict the world, world said youth and age will never agree, but my teacher said I got my different opinion so I shouldshowcase them by counting 1. 2. &3.
This what I learned from my teachers … and I hope to learn more and more with the teachers who are elder to me ,who are younger to me and who belongs to the same age category…!

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