So Come Dodge these Raining Lies With Me

May 4, 2008
By Rachael StJohn, Interlochen, MI

So come dodge these
Raining lies with me
We’ll attempt to avoid this rain
Like we’re children again-
Plagued with innocence.
I search in vain for
A shred of common sense.
Insincerity rings in there voice-
Laces its way through their hearts
Even if it kills me-
I want the truth from you.
Restore my faith in Humanity
Step into the gray
Let’s not choose sides
We don’t have to accept
Their fairy-tale lives.
Feel these lies soak your skin
These words are iced-
Cold as the lies that
You dodge like raindrops.
You watch this world die-
As it slips into a pattern of black and white
Ties break apart
As stitches fall away
Passion has ridden itself from this place
As hearts turn to stone
And minds are warped
Around those of Power.
Like a Supernova-
Let’s break free of this fabrication
Find some verity in this house of horror
Infiltrate their web of lies
Find something to cling to
Because this Reign of Terror
Is far from over…
And that’s no lie.

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