All Has Been Said

January 24, 2012
Everything you say is worthless,
Coming across cold and mean.
Everything you say is a dagger,
The wound it leaves bright and clean.
Everything you say falls through the cracks,
As if being sifted by a screen.
Everything you say is derogatory,
An insult hurled straight towards me.

Everything I hear is heartless,
Formed in an organ that is cold as stone.
Everything I hear is muffled,
As if spewing from an old broke phone.
Everything I hear is flat and emotionless,
As if emitted by a drone.
Everything I hear is dreary,
As if you are tired of being alone.

Everything we say and hear makes a difference,
A difference in every day
Everything we say and hear,
Makes a difference to each person, in a thousand different ways.

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