May 4, 2008
By Anjelica Redden, Centralia, WA

I step on to the volleyball quart
With my heart, pride, and courage.
Looking at the crowed I eye my family
My family that cheers for me no matter what.
I start the game with my power serves
SCoring my team a point.
I serve until I finally mess up
But, that's alright I move on.
I risk my body to dive and save the ball.
And I continue to do so throught out the game.
When or lose I have my family who still cheers for me.
I still have my heart in the game I love.
I still have my pride
And I still have my courage
To continue on to the next game.
To the next practice.
Volleyball is a part of me.
A part of who I am.
Nothing will change that.

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