Beyond Me

May 4, 2008
By Elizabeth Allers, Schenectady, NY

He's everything I never wanted
That smirk makes me sick
And when he struts by
I have to fight the urge to trip him

But there are times lately
When his blue eyes meet
Mine for a second
And he smiles a genuine smile
I think maybe I could learn

I could learn to smile back
I could learn to keep his gaze
And learn to even talk to him
And I could learn - quite quickly
How to let his strong arms hold me

But then reality rears its ugly head
I'm in the metal bleachers, my body
Pressed against screaming classmates
Not his tall self, and I'm
Watching him charge down the court
He swishes the ball and the gym explodes
And I sink back into the fact
That this boy is way
Way beyond me

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