Remember Boy

January 18, 2012
By dylan troszak BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
dylan troszak BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
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When you were in kindergarten
You stole toys from the others kids
They let you get away with it because they don’t care enough to fight
But you on the other hand want to raise your fists at any one within arms reach

When you were in fifth grade
You stole those cigarettes and started the down hill plunder
Why would you do something like that?
That red hair of yours drags you towards trouble
Things get more serious as life gets further into you adult years
And starting from so young being a tornado is not a safe or realistic foundation to build a functional future on

When you were a selfish teenager
Think of that girl you met last summer
She used to be so innocent and cute
What if she had done that to you?
Oh that’s right; no one in their right mind would do that to someone
You stupid good for nothing boy
Do you like to make her cry?
Did you know that her daddy could call the cops on you?

When you thought you were grown up
You thought you were completely under control
But you’re completely untamed
You lash out when ever someone is walking by
You selfish inconsiderate snot
You left that other poor girl on her own in the middle of that big scary city
Did you ever think of what could have happened to her?
She had to find her way through a world that she has never been in
And should have never had to see

When my child brought you home to meet me last week
I already knew what kind of player you were
I saw you with all those other people you have hurt in your life
But now that you’re trying to mess with my little pride and joy
It’s starting to get personal
And I don’t think I’m okay with it

When you brought her home crying
She told me that she loved you and everything was okay
You think you love my daughter
But really you just need her to keep you out of trouble
And she is under infatuation still
She can’t be thinking straight

When you took her innocence
I wanted to turn you in as soon as I found out
You’re lucky that last daddy didn’t do that to you
I’m sick of your games
That’s ridiculous that a grown boy like you needs so much attention to keep you on your feet
I would let her help you if you didn’t constantly put her in danger
Her heart is more hurt then anything right now
But at this point everything else has the potential to be broken

When I found out she skipped a month
I already knew what happened
Now you really messed up
Or maybe it is my fault for not realizing your potential to destroy her and hiding her from you
You sometimes don’t choose to make a family but now that you have stared one you have to make it right

When did you come up with the idea of running away
You disgusting pig
Do you have any useful things in your mind?
Or is it just all mush
You just want to run away after you start this new family
You just dig your nails into everyone else’s happiness and make sure you don’t take reasonability for your mishap last month
You don’t think of the consequences from your impulsive actions
It’s not like this is just going to go away

When I held that baby
I knew she was going to have a good family and life
Even if you choose to not participate
This is the reason there are broken families
And single mothers

You hurt your family
And you just ran
But that baby is a gift
And she doesn’t have to suffer because of you.

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