Super Bowl XLIV

January 18, 2012
By Anonymous

The day is here,
Our team has earned our way into this elite game.
The atmosphere is electric, vibrant, and energizing.
The temperature is humid, blistering, but just right on an early February in Florida.
You can smell the fresh scent of a Florida orange,
Our fans sound like five bands playing simultaneously.
It’s my job to capture the moment and re-write my history and our team.

As my name is announced I look back and remind myself how I got here,
Every player’s different, but mine is special.
Being comeback player of the year and then having a career threatening injury is rare,
But the odds of being a starting Super Bowl quarterback are ridiculously slim.
Now it’s time to show the world what our team is made of,
In front of over 153 million viewers.

The stage is set and now it’s time for the most exhilarating,
Intense moment of my life.
As the game goes on it gets more intense,
Until, finally the we pull off the win.

After the game is a new chapter in the book.
Our team who suffered from Hurricane Katrina
Our team that was nicknamed the Aints,
Because of the lack of performance.
Finally we won the hardware and all the people that suffered were rewarded.
Football is not just a game, but a

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