Hopeful For A Distant Return

January 18, 2012
By PrestonBurnley SILVER, Bridgeton, New Jersey
PrestonBurnley SILVER, Bridgeton, New Jersey
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I remember crawling in the blue room,
She looked down and smiled at me, no anger
Was present in her eyes, only pure love.
An indescribable love that could stay
Present, because she was one who welcomed
Anything healthy for our well-being.

She’d be in the kitchen, busy being
Kind to all those who never gave her room
To become who God wanted and welcomed.
I think he helped her to defeat anger.
Her joy was obviously there to stay.
Satan would never win, only God’s love.

Nana Belle, you can’t be described by love
Or anything else. Would a pure being
Be what you’d like to hear, at least to stay
In what is now becoming a small room?
It shrinks and shrinks crowding me with anger.
I miss the way you had always welcomed

Me. Not only you but your house welcomed
My friends with simple gestures of your love.
Sorry for all the times I showed anger.
Especially because you were being
Kind and always trying to give me room.
If I spent more time with you, would you stay?

Alas, God would never let you come stay
To live on the Earth. You have been welcomed
Into heaven. Your house has a gold room
Especially made to store acts of love.
Nothing is more important than being
Who you are. Love. Never ruled by anger.

Do you think it’s possible to anger
You by saying that I love how you’d stay
With me when I was scared? Or not being
The person who you had loved and welcomed?
I only wish that I could show the love
That you always taught me in the blue room.

You’ve taught me not to make room for anger.
I’m so happy you love will always stay
In my life. Welcomed, and simply being.

The author's comments:
This piece involves someone who is very dear to me... She was always there, but she passed away very peacefully. I miss her...

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