Fight Off the Dark

January 17, 2012
By Anonymous

The darkest corners of the world
The human mind, where thoughts unfurl
Have all at some time come to meet
Those who march to Shadow’s beat

Shadow’s tendrils fan out wide
Snaring those who killed and died
Some who died at another’s hand
Others by their own command

Desolation left in its wake
Desperation from those it takes
Wrapping them in frigid chains
Numbing all but the deepest pains

Dreams and aspirations blocked
Staring mournfully at the clock
Wishing only to put an end to time
No longer caring to stay the climb

But shadow does not rule alone
Another fights to keep the throne
When all is lost and shadow calls
Spirit comes to halt the fall

Spirit staves off Shadow’s rage
Locks it in a golden cage
Consoles those poor imprisoned souls
Whom shadow trapped and fear controlled

The light at last has set them free
Given lost a chance at liberty
Pulled back the end that would have been
For a reborn view of life again

Some say this spirit rests above
In Father, Son, or pale white dove
I say show me proof you are there
Give me reason to think you care

For if you truly cared at all
You would have fought off Shadow’s call
There never would have been a fight
I never would have seen the night

Therefore this spirit must rest within
In every wink and every grin
In simple words during times of need
That heal the wounds and clot the bleed

Alas, Shadow lies inside as well
At times we’ll fall under its spell
But spirit’s strength and constant drive
Will keep our hopes and dreams alive

One day we’ll falter, one day we’ll fall
That day we may heed Shadow’s call
Some have been there, some have died
I reached that place, I chose my side

I’m living proof you can survive

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