I Am the Moon

July 7, 2008
By Courtney Scholl, Eaton, OH

I am the moon
The only light
Coming from me
Is a reflection
Of the Son
Yet it’s still enough
To light a dark world
I’m more important
Than the stars
There are times
When I’m full and shining
And times when I’m dark
And it seems
I’m not there at all
I have a dark side
No one ever sees
I’ve been walked on and hit
I have many holes
But I will always dance
With the Son,
A reflection
Of his love
God has made me
Pure and white
When I was
Dark and cold
My judgement
Is sometimes clouded
By the things
Of this world
But I will always
Give hope
To a lost dark world
Until the night is over
And they can see the Son
For themselves.

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