One Night, One Rumor, One Friendship

July 7, 2008
By Amulya Uppala, Bellevue, WA

You were someone I depended on
Someone who I thought was there for me
Throughout the year
We waved across the hallway
Throwing notes the old-fashioned way in class
We laughed and linked elbows
We had a friendship
And then, I went to that party

The next day I went to school
Quietly hoping that no one would think worse of me
For what had happened the night before
I stepped in
A baby step
And the entire hallway hushed
People glared or smirked
Whispering "slut"

I kept my head high
But when you met my eyes
There was nothing
Not even pity as you joined the whispers
I went to the bathrooms to cry
Cliche, it is

You helped spread the rumors
And I have sunk
Deeper and deeper
Into this net that is called high school
How much more will it take
To push me over the edge?

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