Manufactured Friends

July 6, 2008
By Meg Eden, Gambrills, MD

Smiles of insincerity
Programmed by propriety
They were never as they seemed
Were they ever anything?

Days and weeks will pass their ways
Nods and distant, deafened gaze
They were never as they seemed
Friends were they? Comrades for me?

Fate has put us in this room
For one and a half hours loom
Conversation only hope
Survival for a grade at most
Never did she care, nor he
They were never as they seemed.

More and more
In the halls pour
Clones of Hollister, and co.
Nothing else do they dare know
One and one alike, they are the same
They never cared to know your name
Friends too kind a hope to spare
Never concerned of how you fare
They ask in motion "how are you?"
yet never stop to hear your view
Comrades loyal? Never can be
They were never as they seemed.

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