Guardian Angel

July 4, 2008
By Samantha Jorn, Stella, NE

It’s not alright
It’s not ok
This pain I feel
Just won’t go away
It’s bottled up inside me
Ready to explode
I look in the mirror
I don’t know whom I see
I have changed so much
I cant go back to who I used to be
All the friends I once had
The memories we made
The ones that wont be forgot
This isn’t what I think about
As I take my own life
I lay there looking at my ceiling
A light appears
It’s two angels with tear filled eyes
They grab me by the arms
As they carry me to heaven
I look back down
I see the ones that weep for me
Realizing what I’ve done
I beg to go back
I don’t want to die
I’ve made a mistake
The angels tell me it’s too late
God has a place for me
So here I sit at heaven gates
Awaiting the people I love
Missing you every minute
Thinking about good times
Watching over all of you
Protecting you
Talking to you in your dreams
For as long as you live
I will be your guardian angel
I will watch down from heaven
To make sure you are doing
A better job then I did

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