The Ice Queen

July 4, 2008
By Megan McWilliams, Hubertus, WI

The frozen heart beheld something strong and bright
And in her frozen realm, the ice queen in her night,
Dared to step a tattered foot outside her home
No one else was there, her kingdom dwellt alone

Though she wasn't quite surprised, the queen let go a tear
Withdrew her wounded self into the prison of her fear
For though she exists alone, it is alone that she is safe
The darkness is companion to the frozen weary wraith

Though she had little hope, her steps went astray
She found herself staring outside and weeping everyday
As she held her freezing arms, the ice cut to her skin
And from her pale blue flesh came the red that was within

By now the light had faded, nothing but cold remains
The queen drank cups of razors, leaving her throat maimed
Not quite a shock, for the winter is silent and cruel
She wonders when time will take her for the fool

A year had passed since then, the queen has grown weak
Awakened from her sleep, she saw her ceiling leak
A glance out the window, surprised that she should see
The light returned again, but not so perfectly

A fairy of the autumn was playing with the sun
For winter soon was coming, she didn't want to run
She hung onto the small light and noticed that it led
To a queen of ice and snow, who was very nearly dead

The fairy getting weaker due to death all around
Found the strength to come walking on the ground
Her wings were now in tatters as she looked up to the queen
And saw within the silence a beauty so serene

The queen came down to meet her, unsure of what to do
Through the fairy's skin, the winter shivered through
Since her nature did forbid, she dared not turn away
She opened up her lips, breathed, afraid to say

Autumn's fairy spoke of loss, sorrow and betrayl
She spoke of loosing innocence, how it could leave one frail
And when the sprite was done, she looked with kind green eyes
Smiling at the queen, revealing her disguise

The ice began to melt, slowly in a dance
The sun shone slightly brighter, the queen brought to a trance
Her words were full of pain, she never spoke before
And when the voice was lost, she opened up the door

As darkness starts to fade, there leaves a way for light
The autumn and the winter both thrive besides their plight
The will to understand can save a soul of strife
The courage left to love can learn to save a life.

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